HR3 - The Company


HR3 is an Australian owned company formed in 1984 in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia). Originally called Datascope Systems, the company was founded by Rick Verloop and Brett Goodrich. In 1988, Michael Benyon joined as an executive director and today, both Rick and Michael are still with HR3 as executive directors.


In October 2002, Datascope Systems changed its name to HR3. At the same time we launched a new payroll system called HR3pay. This wasn’t the first payroll software developed by HR3. Previously HR3 had developed several systems including Datapay and Winpay.


The Winpay software was a payroll and personnel system, so soon after the release of HR3pay we introduced a fully integrated Human Resource Management module (HRpack) to build on our company goal of having a single database for all aspects of employee management.


HR3pay and the HRpack were desktop applications and during the first few years of the new millennium it became clear that web-based solutions would eventually become viable business tools and that HR3 needed to move into this space as soon as possible. In 2005 we released the HR3kiosk software designed as an EMSS (Employee and Manager Self Service) web portal. The kiosk used the same database as the rest of the system and with inbuilt workflows heralded a new and exciting time for HR3.


By 2008 we had release a fully integrated Occupational Health & Safety Management module (OHSpack) to further tighten data management and reporting. In 2011 we released the HR3people web-based employee management solution. At the same time we released an entirely new version of the HR3pay payroll software (V2.0). Within 12 months, our entire user base had been successfully migrated to the latest version of our core software; A feat that means a lot to us, but is probably only appreciated by other software developers.


As a software developer, HR3 is focused on providing the best possible solutions at the most realistic cost. We pride ourselves on having strong after sales support that is constantly praised by our users as well as a dedicated development team.


Today, HR3 employs over 20 staff in its Melbourne based development and support centre. An Australia-wide group of accredited resellers ensures coverage and knowledge is available to all.