Customer survey - HR3 payroll software review


In 2016, as part of HR3's ongoing commitment to our customers and to being the best payroll software provider in Australia, we commissioned an independent survey of a cross-section of our customers.

These included the top ten customers by revenue, our newest customers and those up for renewal (among others). As you can see, the results were certainly encouraging!

Key reviews about HR3 payroll software are:

  • 100% of customers would recommend HR3 software to another payroll manager

  • 100% of customers found HR3 to be compatible with their existing software.

  • 71% of customers like the intuitiveness of the HR3 payroll platform.

  • 87% of say HR3's customer service team is excellent, speedy and responsive.

  • 95% of HR3 customers believe they receive real value for money.

  • 100% of customers are highly satisfies with HR3's ease of learning.

While we are justifiably proud of the results, we know there is always room for improvement so we welcome your suggestions for product features and improvements. Please send any suggestions through to for review.

To the customers that took part in the survey, I would like to personally thank you for your overwhelmingly positive feedback and constructive suggestions for improvements.

Kind regards

Rick Verloop


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