Five onboarding tips to turn new hires into lasting employees


INTRO: HR3 has partnered with Onboard Express to offer paperless employee onboarding which fully integrates with the HR3 intelligent software suite. All existing HR3 customers are eligible to receive 50% off the initial set-up fee* to implement Onboard Express which is a saving of $7,500!!

Long term retention of new employees starts at onboarding. Communication of the organisation’s internal brand, company mission, expectations and values must form part of a uniform and positive first impression for all new employees. HR3 has recently partnered with Onboard Express to offer our customers an impressive, paperless employee onboarding platform which fully integrates with the HR3 intelligent software suite. 

A poor onboarding experience can taint the new employee’s view and attitude towards the company, which is then hard to turn around, and they could already be on the path to leave. On the other hand, a positive onboarding experience can excite the new employee and reinforce that their decision to join the company was correct, and they start their new role with energy and enthusiasm.

One of the greatest barriers to improving the new employee onboarding experience is finding the time and resources to make it happen. Fortunately, most components of a strong employee onboarding experience can be fully automated with Onboard Express. Here are a few tips for mapping out a really impressive onboarding experience:


1. Make it personal and allow the company personality to shine through

Ensure all formal communication with the new employee is personalised and welcoming. For example, send a ‘looking forward to see and thanks for joining the team’ email with access to the onboarding portal so they can orient themselves prior to commencement. Where possible use inspiring imagery and language that reflects your organisation’s uniqueness.

2. No paper, no postal delays, no scanning

Total digitisation of paperwork including contracts, forms, signatures and confirmations is expected from contemporary organisations. Sending paperwork in the post or asking new employees to manually fill out forms, scan and email is clumsy and irritating. Let new employees know that they are entering a highly professional and progressive environment.

3. Consistent and slick company branding at all onboarding touch points and all formal documents

Make sure all documentation and onboarding touch points are carefully branded and professional. This instills standards and a high sense of professionalism from day one. A welcome or corporate video with powerful messaging really sets the tone of the organisation.

4. Let everyone know

Distribute a company wide email informing people of the new starter. It is important that the newcomer receives a warm welcome. He or she must learn that internal communication is effective and organised. Communicate to all relevant departments ensuring fulfillment of work tools (e.g. PC, desk, phone, car, etc) are ready for start date. Remind heads of department who are part of the induction that they will be meeting with the newcomer and need to be prepared.

5. Ask for feedback about the onboarding experience

At the end of the onboarding process ask the new employee and any other internal staff to complete a simple online five question survey about the onboarding experience and how it reflects on your company.

Claire Seeber, HR Manager at Brand Collective discusses the positive impact Onboard Express makes to her new-starters (go to 2:00 minutes in the video below). She turned to Onboard Express technology to provide an impressive onboarding experience for new employees and to relieve the mountain of paperwork her team were drowning in each year.


If your organisation is looking to improve the onboarding experience of new employees, all existing HR3 customers are eligible to receive 50% off the initial set-up fee* to implement Onboard Express which is a saving of $7,500!! To learn more about Onboard Express please speak with Jenny Higgins directly on (03) 8563 9200 or

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* offer value $7,500 and valid until 31 December 2017