How to onboard new hospitality employees in five minutes – go paperless!


By far one of the most stressful roles in hospitality is human resources, especially during peak periods. If your team is still manually creating onboarding packs and contracts, you might consider lessening the administrative burden while enhancing your organisation’s first impressions on new starters by switching over to digital onboarding. HR3 has recently partnered with Onboard Express to offer our customers an impressive, paperless employee onboarding platform which fully integrates with the HR3 intelligent software suite. 

The single most challenging element of bringing on new staff is the backwards and forwards with paperwork. Not only is this very frustrating for all involved, but the time, administration, printing and postage is very costly.

This snowballs during peak times and the smooth running of the entire organisation from administration all the way to the wait staff is sorely disrupted.

Brand Collective are a successful retail business with 1100 staff on the books and rapidly expanding. They have been using paperless staff onboarding, Onboard Express, since 2015 and will never return to their former manual ways!

Claire Seeber, Human Resources Manager says the automation processes have saved the organisation two headcount in staff and her new comers rave about their first encounter with the company.

How do we go paperless with Onboard Express?

Going paperless is easy and the automation can bring lengthy onboarding time frames to a five-minute turnaround. Onboarding can be set up so it is little more than the click of a button to start an automated five-step process:


Assemble employment contracts using templates with employee personal details, company position and employment conditions simply inserted into digital forms. Dispatch the entire onboarding pack electronically and new candidates can complete and return their paperwork on their mobile phone in an instant.


New starters accept terms of placement (employment contract) via digital signature using mobile PIN security on any device. No printing, no postage, no dramas. The platform allows you to include business information, welcome packs and corporate videos to reinforce your business culture before they start.


Digital forms allow instant information capture and transfer eliminating traditional errors. Integration with existing organisational platforms such as recruitment software, payroll and OHS platforms streamlines administration and automatically populates all the right information in all the right places.


Relevant stakeholders, such as line manager, HR, IT, Payroll can be automatically notified that the new starter has accepted the offer and that preparation can commence to ensure everyone is ready for their first working day!


New starters are organised, motivated and good to go on day one including payroll, IT, induction and clearances.


Best regards


Michael Benyon – Chief Operating Officer