Announcing the HR3 software roadmap for 2018


There is a lot going on at HR3 and 2018 will be our biggest ever period of innovation. We are constantly striving to enhance our software so that Australia’s payroll, human resources and workplace health and safety professionals can get more done, more easily and more economically.

Key highlights in our payroll software upgrades are the implementation of Single Touch Payroll functionality, plus user interface and user experience re-design with an enhanced dashboard experience.

We are particularly excited to announce two new HR3 modules; an automated workflows module (aw) is due in Q1 and a workflow based new employee self-onboarding module (hr) is due in Q2.


Q3 sees the introduction of the kiosk module’s new employee and manager dashboards and last (but definitely not least), our new iPhone and Android app is due for release in Q4.

A summary of HR3’s software roadmap for 2018 is outline below:

2018 Q1

  • REST API – (int) continuing development of the API to facilitate enhanced 3rd party software integrations
  • Automated workflows (aw) – pre-defined and customisable workflows fully integrated into the kiosk module.

2018 Q2

  • Single Touch Payroll (STP) final implementation
  • Payroll module (pay) – updated User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) re-design
  • Employee self onboarding (hr) – workflow based new starter onboarding module

2018 Q3

  • New employee and manager dashboards for kiosk (ki)
  • 64 bit version of HR3 brings enhanced memory management (typically used for larger organisations)

2018 Q4

  • New user dashboard for payroll module (pay)
  • New mobile iPhone and Android app for employees and managers

As always, we thank our valued clients for trusting HR3 with their employee management software. If you have questions, feedback or suggestions about HR3’s 2018 software roadmap please feel welcome to contact Jenny Higgins on 03 8563 9200 or

Best regards


Rick Verloop – CEO