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'Single Touch Payroll white paper and 2018 checklist'

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Michael Benyon - COO




Single Touch Payroll comes into effect 1 July 2018. It will change the way employers report to the Australian Taxation Office. This document concisely walks-through the rationale behind STP in plain language. It provides helpful information around what is required of employers and employees and what action needs to be taken to remain compliant.

  • What is Single Touch Payroll?

  • Reasons for Single Touch Payroll

  • Benefits of Single Touch Payroll

  • How Single Touch Payroll works

  • What does the flow of information look like?

  • Who is impacted by STP from 1 July 2018?

  • 2018/2019 summary timeline

  • Legislation

  • STP exemptions and deferrals

  • It is ok if you make a mistake

  • What action can I take?

  • STP checklist

  • Helpful resource links

  • HR3 is ready for STP