HR3 payroll software reviews

Please see a selection of reviews which describe how HR3 have helped clients with their unique payroll, HR and WHS requirements.

"I have extensively used several other other payroll systems and say emphatically that none of these platforms even closely compare to the set-up, processing, customer service and reporting features of HR3."

R. Anderson ★★★★★

"HR3 software is so user-friendly I implemented the new system almost entirely myself. Each week it saves me about 50% of time, which has a knock-on effect throughout the company."

W. Page ★★★★★

"The HR3 system has been a positive change for NSL, for me and my HR staff. HR3 has cut down a lot of manual work and helped us to redirect our attention to other much needed functions."

L. Pepena-Niumatairua ★★★★★

"HR3 was implemented with minimal fuss. We were extremely surprised with how ‘logical’ and ‘easy’ the system was to use. HR3 customer service and support is very helpful,  responsive and they really know payroll."

A. Harding ★★★★★

"We have saved invaluable amounts of time and the process of running payroll could not be simpler. HR3 software caters for having all our different companies, pay groups and categories of employees."

K. Wylie ★★★★★

"If you are considering changing payroll platforms, HR3 must be in your shortlist. We went with an inferior platform and ended up having to undertake the selection process twice."

K. Lee ★★★★★


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