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User Defined Fields – ability to add additional reportable fields

Create your own custom fields to Hr3

Many new reportable fields can be added to Hr3. These may be a string of text, a number, a check box, a date, a list of fixed options.


Reminder tasks

Similar to MS Outlook task reminder facility

Can be emailed from Hr3 to the owner when they pop up


Data explorer (BI tool)•

Build your own reports in Hr3

Easy to use drag and drop grid reporting tool. Your reports can be saved, emailed and easily exported to excel.


User defined leave types•

Accruing leave types in addition to Annual, Sick and Long Service

Can be restricted to certain groups or individuals, with flexible accruing rates and conditions


Access to other add-on modules

HR, WHS, Kiosk (full version), Integration

Human Resources, Work Health Safety, Advanced Reporting, Multi-User Module and WB services can be implemented. All feature rich, comprehensive modules.


Non cash benefits payments

Include salary packing benefits on the payslips

Values of Motor Vehicle, Parking, Insurances, and Gift Cards can be displayed on payslips and reported on


Audit Manager

Audit the fields in Hr3 that are critical to your organisation.

Hr3 audits all rate changes and leave changes. Trap changes to any additional fields – employee’s department, hired date, bank account(s)


Multi-level security

Employee Level Security

Adds another dimension to security for User access

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With over 30 years’ experience providing payroll software, you can rest assured that HR3 Pay is on top of all the required reporting and are here to help. Here is a small selection of our valued customers.