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Agriculture accounts for the highest proportion of fatalities (20%). Vehicle incidents and non-road vehicle rollovers accounted for 41% of fatalities in this sector, while being hit by an animal, muscular stress while handling objects, falls from a height and falls on the same level each accounted for 11% of serious injury claims.

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Accounting for an average of 39 fatalities a year, transport is Australia’s second biggest killer. The road freight sub-sector accounted for 92% of these fatalities, while in terms of occupations, truck drivers accounted for the highest proportion of both worker fatalities (84%) and serious claims (54%). 

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A perennial risk, construction is the third riskiest sector in Australia with 31 fatalities a year. Falls from a height account for the largest proportion of fatalities (30%), while muscular stress from lifting, carrying or putting down objects accounted for the highest proportion of serious claims (16 per cent).