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HR3’s payroll software is among the bets value for money, user-friendly and intelligent payroll systems available.

Love your work with Australia's very best in payroll technology. HR3 payroll software is easy to use, flexible, scalable and suited to businesses of almost any size! It is particularly suited to solving complex payroll processing problems via its unique and extensible design. Whether you have 20 or 1,000 employees, you can be confident that HR3 has a payroll solution to suit your needs.

Features Core Optional
Multiple companies and ABN's
Date driven payroll
Comprehensive security and auditing
Easy to use wizards
In-built workflows, calendar and reminders
Extensible - add user defined tables and fields
Comprehensive business intelligence and reports
Integrations to T&A, rosters, super, ERP etc.
Built-in superstream clearing house
Audit manager
Unlimited field variations
Date driven payroll
Detailed data analytics and reporting
Unlimited leave accrual types
(hr) Human resources module
(whs) Workplace health and safety module
(ki) Kiosk employee self-service module
(cl) Cloud module
(aw) Automated workflows module
(ar) Advanced reporting module
(int) Integrations with third-party software

HR3's payroll software has too many features to mention! Please feel welcome to contact our payroll software experts regarding your specific requirements.


HR3's payroll module is among the best value for money, user-friendly and intelligent payroll applications available.


✓ Scalable to suit your requirements.

HR3 payroll software is suited to solving complex payroll processing problems via its unique and extensible design. Whether you have 20 or 10,000 employees, you can be confident that HR3 payroll can scale to suit your requirements.

✓ Flexible payment options.

Flexible payment options range from up-front licensing through to an all-inclusive monthly subscription fee. Use only the modules you need. Turn on and off capability as the need arises. 

✓ Flexible deployment options.

HR3 products can be deployed as on-premise or cloud solutions. HR3 cloud gives you ‘anywhere/anytime’ access to all the power and functionality of payroll and all add-on modules.

✓ Compliance guarantee.

With over 30 years’ experience providing employee management software, you can rest assured that HR3 is on top of all government required reporting and are here to help. We guarantee our software meets the highest standards and regulatory requirements.

Single Touch Payroll ready.

Rely on HR3 to be compliant with STP obligations. We have a consultative relationship directly with the ATO and the Australian Business Software Industry Association (ABSIA). Our internal software developers are preparing HR3 software in readiness for STP capability.


Survey 2016


In a recent customer survey, 100% of respondents said they would recommend HR3 to another payroll manager.


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Consider the benefits of HR3's fully integrated employee management software suite

The complete HR3 software suite is an entire ecosystem that lets you expand your system’s capabilities as the need arises. Start off with our payroll module, then add kiosk, human resources or advanced reporting capabilities. How about a comprehensive, fully integrated workplace health and safety system? HR3 has you covered!