automated workflows


Enhance your critical business operations with the power and simplicity of automation.


HR3’s automated workflows (aw) is a hands-free approach to managing critical business processes. Our workflows solution revolutionises manual administration while improving efficiency, driving productivity and reducing human error and compliance risk.

The aw module enables automation across HR3’s core software modules payroll, whs, hr and kiosk. The solution is designed for ease of use with the flexibility of unlimited customisation. Address bottlenecks, implement more efficient processes and streamline workloads so your people have greater capacity to do results-based work.


Ease of use and customisation

Email chain communication processes are messy and confusing. Automated workflow enables teams to collaborate around individual items in a workflow and perform tasks with simple, streamlined efficiency. Every item in progress has its own line of communication so all conversations are documented in the right place. Customise your workflows to skip steps which are not needed and create more complex workflows with linked processes running in parallel. Customise your workflow messages via email templates that support database merge fields. You can even trigger workflows based on your own user defined fields and tables.


Streamline communication

With aw you can create pre-determined or unique workflows, set deadlines, build conditions and model your process just as it would unfold in your mind. Define database triggers to initiate workflows from every module of HR3 including pay, hr, whs and kiosk. “Anywhere/anytime” access lets you respond to workflow requests from wherever you are. Ask questions or send items back to any step in the workflow.


Dramatically increase operational efficiency by replacing manual business workflows with digital automation.


Uphold accountability

Create an owner for each step of a process so that tasks are bound to individuals expected to perform an action complete with the convenience of digital sign-off in the workflow environment.


Business efficiency

Business processes can be completed in a fraction of the time resulting in greater productivity and reduced costs. More time can be focused on your organisation’s mission rather than repetitive administrative tasks.


Visibility of business processes

Check the status of any individual item or view the entire system to understand where bottlenecks are forming. Track the number of workflow requests, how many were approved and denied and the duration of each step.


Assign approval responsibilities to anyone

The workflow approval chain is not limited by your reporting structure. Relieve time-poor management from being linked to every step of every task.


Improved security

Paper-based workflows and processes are inherently insecure. A document sitting on a desk or in-tray can potentially be seen by unauthorised people. Electronic workflows can be restricted to authorised recipients in the workflow chain. 


Calendars, reminders, alerts and notifications

Never miss critical events again and see upcoming tasks at a glance. Define certification renewals, appraisals, probation dates, licence expiry, be alerted by escalations and never miss a birthday or important employment anniversaries.


Governance, risk and compliance

Improve your GRC via user-initiated OHS/WHS workflows for hazard and incident notifications, action items, committee notifications, plant and equipment warranties, service notifications and employee plant accreditations.


Automate these business processes and more!

  • Leave request and authorisation
  • Employment anniversary and years of service
  • Timesheet authorisation
  • Expense processing
  • Date based alerts
  • Birthday and age based notifications
  • Training requests and certifications
  • Skill expiry
  • Passport and visa expiry
  • Performance reviews
  • Purchase requests (business cards etc)
  • Employee on-boarding
  • Employee inductions
  • Employee off-boarding
  • OHS/WHS incident notifications
  • Hazard reporting
  • Injury information
  • Plant and equipment services and warranty expiry



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