Cloud hosting payroll, HR and WHS software

HR3's onshore cloud hosting gives you secure, full remote access to our entire software suite. We offer convenient monthly payment plans that cover software access, usage, storage, support and maintenance.

Features Core Optional
24/7 access from almost any device
Always backed up plus disaster recovery
Automatic software updates
Hosted securely in Australia
Primary data centre located in Melbourne
2X connection via SoNET Systems
(pay) Payroll module
(hr) Human resources module
(whs) Workplace health and safety module
(cl) Kiosk employee self-service module
(aw) Automated workflows module
(ar) Advanced reporting module
(int) Integrations with third-party software

Please feel welcome to cloud software experts regarding your specific requirements.


Gain full remote access to your employee management software via HR3's private Australian based cloud hosting service.


✓ Private and secure cloud hosting in Australia.

HR3 cloud provides private Australian cloud hosting service purpose built for HR3 software applications. The greatest benefit to users is remote access to data, programs and information from literally anywhere. Service is only accessible through a secure 2X connection. HR3cloud uses the 2X client to deliver remote access for you to use software like HR3pay from any device. Hosting is external via SoNET Systems with the primary data centre being located in Port Melbourne.

✓ Anytime, anywhere access.

Our cloud infrastructure allows you to access your information securely from any internet connection. The HR3 kiosk web application is automatically available for your employees to access their information securely from wherever and whenever they need. 

✓ Automatic upgrades and back-ups.

When a new software release becomes available, HR3 technical personnel will perform the updates and all associated versioning. There is no need for you to use your IT resources. If your organisation's on-premise server breaks down all the data and information may be lost. Most organisations perform nightly backups of company servers to minimise this risk. With HR3 cloud, backups are performed regularly and if the running server breaks down, then another server automatically takes over.

✓ Flexible payment options and licensing.

HR3 cloud lets the customer purchase or rent an HR3 software license and database. There is no need to purchase software licenses outright, simply pay a monthly fee that covers software access, usage, storage, support and maintenance. HR3 cloud is also available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for companies who to prefer a ‘pay as you use’ pricing model. With SaaS, there are no license fees and your fees vary based on the number of pays you produce. This means you get all the advantages of fully integrated management software for payroll, human resources, workplace health and safety and employee self service (kiosk) without having to outlay any money for the software or server licenses.

✓ Compliance guarantee.

With over 30 years’ experience providing employee management software, you can rest assured that HR3 is on top of all government required reporting and are here to help. We guarantee our software meets the highest standards and regulatory requirements.



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Consider the benefits of HR3's fully integrated employee management software suite

The complete HR3 software suite is an entire ecosystem that lets you expand your system’s capabilities as the need arises. Start off with our payroll module, then add kiosk, human resources or advanced reporting capabilities. How about a comprehensive, fully integrated workplace health and safety system? HR3 has you covered!