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Mobile solutions can be many things to many people. At HR3 we think a mobile solution is anything that doesn’t tie you to your desktop. Our HR3 cloud solution is what we call mobile; we also classify web-based apps available through tablets and smart devices as mobile. All HR3 software solutions can be deployed as either on-premise or cloud solutions giving you the choice that best suits your organisation. HR3's browser based web portal HR3 kiosk is a web-based product that can be accessed from any browser and tablet.


HR3 kiosk

Kiosk is designed for use by all employees within your company. Depending on the HR3 modules purchased, HR3 kiosk can range in functionality from an Employee Self Service (ESS) system, through to a complete workforce management system that incorporates not only ESS, but also MSS (Manager Self Service), Payroll, Human Resources, Workplace Health & Safety, Workflows and access by key staff (Payroll, HR or OHS/WHS) and operational managers. HR3 kiosk has many features and functions that will help your business manage your employee-centric functions better. The following is a sample of what's available when using HR3 kiosk.


Common Database

HR3 kiosk uses the same database as the rest of the system so information entered is only entered once and resides in a single database.


Employee Self Service (ESS)

The system is designed to be used by all employees and provides functions such as leave requests, project leave balances, timesheets, expenses, reprint pay advices, reprint ATO Payment Summaries, enter/amend personal details, emergency contact details, bank details, check YTD, check super and much more.


Manager Self Service (MSS)

Team Leaders and Managers can access their own as well as their team details. They can approve or deny leave requests, timesheets, expenses and check for skill expiry, training requests, date based alerts and much more.


Function Manager Self Service

HR3 kiosk includes comprehensive Human Resources and Occupational Health & Safety modules. Giving key staff access to these functions via a browser means they can access and update vital information from anywhere.



Access rights and restrictions are paramount when dealing with financial and private information. Because of this, the HR3 kiosk system has a sophisticated security system that affects all employees that access the system.


Audit Manager

HR3's powerful auditing tool allows you to define the fields/columns that you wish to provide an audit capability over. Virtually every table and field in the database can be audited. Once defined, any changes made to the database information is audited and a comprehensive range of information can be traced. Examples include the old/new values, user that made the change, date and time of the change, the workstation name, the netork or domain login and more. This information is then available for reporting via the HR3 Audit Manager component.



This is an important part of any business tool, HR3 kiosk has inbuilt electronic workflows for many common functions. These include leave requests, timesheets, expense reimbursement, OHS incidents, employee inductions, date based alerts, skill expiries and many more.


Email Alerts

HR3 kiosk gives the user access to many email alert functions. This includes notifications for new policies or procedures, completion of inductions and much more.


Employee Details

Employees can have access to a great deal of their information through the system. This includes their biographical details, addresses, phones, emergency contacts, leave balances (current and projected) , bank details and so on. 


Employee HR Details

Employees can have access to a great deal of their “HR” information through HR3people. This includes details about their learning (training and education), skills and competencies, performance reviews, inductions and much more.


Employee WHS Details

The system includes access to all the company’s workplace health & safety information. This means employees can access WHS policies and procedures, incident information, hazard and risk information, relevant plant and equipment details, audit reports and actions, committee meetings and location dashboards to name a few.



Each employee can view their payroll payments and details going back to the first pay produced in HR3 payroll. Additional information is available for Superannuation, timesheets, leave balances, leave taken, YTD figures and even the ability to reprint Payment Summaries from previous financial years.


Team Reporting

Each Manager can produce “Team” reports showing them employee details, contacts, skills, training, leave balances, leave taken, timesheet information, inductions, expense claims and more.


Planners & Calendars

All employees have access to planners and calendars that display upcoming and past information including skill expiry dates, training dates, performance management dates, birthdays and years of service and quite a lot more.


Talent & Human Resource Management

The HR3 kiosk software includes a comprehensive Human Resources Management System (included with optional hr module). This allows managers and HR staff to update and check specific details from any browser. This includes access to the Company organisational reporting structure and associated information such as position descriptions, position incumbents, skills, training and much more. Managers can also report and review on all HR information for their immediate team or for the entire organisation.


Online Employee Actions

HR3 kiosk also has a special area for staff actions such as inductions, surveys and similar activities. Built-in alerts let senior or key staff know when milestones are reached or actions completed.


Occupational/Workplace Health & Safety Management

HR3 kiosk includes a comprehensive OHS/WHS management system (included with optional whs module). This enables HSR and other key OHS personnel to update and check specific details. This includes access to Company and OHS policies and procedures, incident logging and reporting, logging and reviewing hazard and risk information, relevant plant and equipment details, audit reports and actions, committee meetings and much more. HR3people includes an OHS Location Dashboard for visual reporting of current and historical information; everything from LTIFR information to absenteeism reporting. Built-in alerts and emails ensure all appropriate staff are notified of any outstanding tasks or actions. Integrated workflows will alert one or multiple people when information is entered remotely.


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