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Thanks for attending the hr3 training course and we appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your feedback.

Date of Training Course
Date of Training Course
Please select the answer that indicates your impressions of the items below.
Do you feel the course material covered everything required? *
How was the speed or rate at which the training was presented? *
How would you rate the focus and structure of the course? *
How knowledgeable was the trainer on the subject matter? *
Did the trainer explain things in a clear and understandable way? *
How did the trainer handle questions? *
Was the venue suitable for the type of training?
How would you rate the training overall? *
Please rate the trainer(s) on the following:
1. Knowledge of the subject matter. *
2. Ability to explain and illustrate concepts. *
3. Ability to answer questions completely. *
Open-ended comments
Please rate the content and structure of the training:
6. The usefulness of the information received in training.
7. The structure of the training session(s).
8. The pace of the training session(s).
9. The convenience of the training schedule.
10. The usefulness of the training materials.
11. Was this training appropriate for your level of experience?
If you said “No” to #11, please explain:
12. What did you most like about the training?
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