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Integrated payroll, HR and WHS management.
Perfect for organisations 20 to 10,000 people.


Payroll software

Love your work with Australia's very best in payroll technology. HR3 payroll software is easy to use, flexible, scalable and suited to businesses of almost any size!

Features Core Optional
Multiple companies and ABN's
Date driven payroll
Comprehensive security and auditing
Easy to use wizards
In-built workflows, calendar and reminders
Extensible - add user defined tables and fields
Comprehensive business intelligence and reports
Integrations to T&A, rosters, super, ERP etc.
Built-in superstream clearing house
Audit manager
Unlimited field variations
Date driven payroll
Detailed data analytics and reporting
Unlimited leave accrual types
(hr) Human resources module
(whs) Workplace health and safety module
(ki) Kiosk employee self-service module
(cl) Cloud module
(aw) Automated workflows module
(ar) Advanced reporting module
(int) Integrations with third-party software

HR3's payroll software has too many features to mention! Please feel welcome to contact our payroll software experts regarding your specific requirements.

Empower managers and employees with self-service


HR3's employee kiosk platform allows your people to update personal details, apply for leave, submit expenses, access pay summaries, approve or escalate workflows, run reports and so much more! 


Want to make your life easier?!

We do everything necessary to ensure your job is a joy!



Love our local help desk support!

If you prefer the personal touch, you need to leave your current software provider right now! HR3's support and customer service teams are product and subject matter experts. You will enter a whole new realm of helpfulness and knowledge.


Payroll outsourcing services

Australian-based payroll outsourcing services are available for payroll and fulfilment obligations with a dedicated audit and compliance team managing legislative changes. Outsource your payroll processing to the experts so you can concentrate on your core business.


Secure on-shore cloud hosting

HR3 offers a private Australian cloud hosting service. The primary data centre is located in Port Melbourne. Routine back-ups are performed twice daily, plus customers receive automatic software updates. Service is only accessible through a secure 2X connection which delivers secure and remote access to any device.


Built, based and better in Australia

HR3 is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated. Our software is written and developed in Australia and meets all Australian legislative requirements. The HR3 team are based locally which means there are people on the ground to support you with consulting, training, help desk and anything else you need!



100% of HR3 customers surveyed would recommend HR3 to another payroll manager.

"I have extensively used Quicken, MYOB and ePayroll and say emphatically that none of these platforms even closely compare to the set-up, processing, customer service and reporting features of HR3."

R. Anderson ★★★★★

"HR3 software is so user-friendly I implemented the new system almost entirely myself. Each week it saves me about 50% of time, which has a knock-on effect throughout the company."

W. Page ★★★★★

"If you are considering changing payroll platforms, HR3 must be in your shortlist. We went with an inferior platform and ended up having to undertake the selection process twice."

K. Lee ★★★★★


HR3 is Single Touch Payroll ready are you?


STP white paper and checklist

Single Touch Payroll everything you need to know plus a STP checklist 2018.


STP helpful resources and links 

How to choose the best payroll software platform for your organisation in 2018.


You are in good company!

By choosing HR3 you can be confident that your organisation is accessing the very best in employee management software, domain knowledge and customer servicing. Here is a small selection of our valued customers.


HR3 is among the best value for money, user-friendly and intelligent payroll applications available.

HR3 software  helps you perform terminations, redundancies and superannuation in record time! Pay and manage your staff simply!


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