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Systems of Safety: Gaining Control in a World of Work, Health and Safety Risk is an exclusive HR3 white paper exploring the impact of technology on the evolving WHS risk landscape.

Combining the insights of our in-house experts with leading examples of best practice from our clients, we offer a comprehensive guide to thinking differently about WHS.

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Are you ready to take control of your work, health and safety risks?

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Australia’s work, health and safety record has been improving since 2007. However, Australia still has a long way to go, particularly in high risk industries like agriculture and transport. SafeWork Australia estimates the cost of work-related injuries in Australia at about 4.1 per cent of our annual GDP.


Counting the cost: Australia’s WHS record

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Case Studies


Every business faces different WH&S risks. Find out how two forward-thinking HR3 clients use cutting edge technology and systems to gain control over the risks they face in two very different industries.

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Raising risk awareness and reducing the number of phyisical injuries at an agricultural equipment dealer and servicer is an ongoing battle. Find out how Vanderfield is using technology to help its workers out in the field and gain better strategic intelligence back at its Queensland head office.

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Tasmania is known for the quality of its seafoord and Petuna is at the forefront of farming fish for a growing global market. But how does it manage risks on the water? Find out how Petuna deploys a range of technology and tools to keep workers safe at multiple work sites across Tasmania.